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At Team Leader Toolkit, we transform new leaders. First time, brand new leaders. Finally, a workplace solution to leadership training that doesn’t take our leaders offsite…EVER

And its one of a kind. There is NO other leadership training available that has the same impact, flexibility and support as our programs. But don’t take our word for it, hear what some of our clients had to say

The Unlocking Portal

The Team Leader Toolkit’s flagship 12 month leadership learning program

This is our most popular learning program and includes a range of learning modules tailor made to develop effective skills in team management and leadership.

Self paced and fully online

Expert interviews and video mentoring

Extensive online tools and resources

Relevant and engaging activities

Team Leader Toolkit ebook

Easy As 1…2…3…

Team Leader Toolkit programs are designed to be completed in the workplace, which means that your leaders stay put…. remaining on site to complete their learning in the very environment they need it the most.

Another brilliant feature of these programs. They are portable!

Which means, wherever your leaders are in the world, they can follow these programs.

Team Leader Toolkit currently has members from Kuwait, Hong Kong, UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and New Zealand as well as most states within Australia.

Do you have leaders that are remote?… Doesn’t matter where they are in the world…are they isolated from you?

Then this may be the very solution you have been looking for to bring your leaders together.

About Your Instructor

Tina Cini is the Managing Director at Five Corners Tailored Training Solutions – Building Better Leaders in your business.

Tina Cini, a nationally recognised leadership trainer, has been assisting in the development of confident and effective leaders in the workplace for more than two decades. Cini has been notably successful in her mission to equip leaders with the skill set to drive positive workplace culture, predictable growth and profitable outcomes.

Aside from her live workshops and private consulting, Cini has become nationally recognized for the launch of her highly successful flagship product, the Team Leader Toolkit® which is now used in over 200 workplaces across 8 continents. This e-learning platform is the most effective solution currently available to organizations looking for rapid improvement in leadership and long-term, ongoing support all while being far more affordable than any traditional alternative.

Prior to running her own business Tina spent over 20 years in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Tina Cini
Managing Director – Five Corners Tailored Training Solutions

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