A recent survey reveals that 68% of employees who feel micro-managed say it decreases their morale; 55% say it hurts their productivity. We can see with these stats, how much damage a micro-managing boss can do.

Not only do these statistics talk about how damaging it can cause to productivity and morale, but what about your own emotional rollercoaster you may be going through due to this situation.

You are probably frustrated, on edge and tired of all the constant checking up. You may be even at the end of your tether and seriously looking for somewhere else to go because you can’t stand it any longer.

Before you make any decisions, have a watch of this video and determine if there is anything you can do to change your situation.


Why would a Boss do this? There is a number of reasons why a boss micro-manages (watch the video to hear the possibilities) and most of them centre around them, not you!

Shifting your micromanaging boss’ management style won’t be easy, and it certainly won’t be immediate. But if you can show them that you’re trustworthy, thorough, and ultimately, on top of your work, you’ll be able to inspire that change over time.

Micro-managing bosses might be curable, but it takes patience and understanding because they are often blind to their actions.

Watch the video to determine the reasons behind micro-managing and what you can do to lessen the impact.


Tina Cini
Managing Director – Five Corners Tailored Training Solutions

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