There are a number of reasons why a person on your team is being difficult and the effects on you and your other team members can be extensive.

They can spread their negativity to the rest of the team, stop other members from contributing and throw your plans right off track. It not only impacts people but can have a knock-on effect to cost and timelines as well.

But what about you in particular, it can be extremely frustrating and extremely hard to deal with someone that seems to undermine you at every turn, doesn’t contribute to the team and is not a team player!

In this video we will look at 4 steps that will help you deal with this difficult team member.

You should know that one solution won’t fit every circumstance and situation. As managers and team leaders, it’s important that you help your difficult team members of the best course of action and what needs to be changed at the right time and place.

Also, not all team members can be turned around, sometimes it may be that they are in the wrong job and are miserable about it. This itself can still be solved and it will be time to illicit the help of you HR team. They can help you and the member consider re-alignment of roles or perhaps even release.

These changes rest in your hands and it’s you who can make the difference.


Tina Cini
Managing Director – Five Corners Tailored Training Solutions

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